The Manual Book Drop - efficiency meets convenience

Discover a smarter way to handle bulk returns. The Manual Book Drop seamlessly integrates with the Lyngsoe BISR, offering patrons hassle-free returns and added safety measures.

Manual Book Drop for your library automated material handling

Add on to your library's automated material handling with the Manual Book Drop, a versatile addition designed for convenience and efficiency. This system offers patrons a user-friendly solution for returning items in bulk, ensuring a smooth transition to the Lyngsoe BISR for singulation.

In those rare instances when a sorter goes offline or the staff availability is limited, for example during Holidays, the Manual Book Drop steps in to provide an added layer of safety and service for the patrons. With this solution, patrons can continue to return their items without interruption.

While the Manual Book Drop provides a good service, it is ideal to consider a thorough approach. To enhance your service further, explore options like the exterior Library Mate 2100 induction, designed to complement the book drop and provide a well-rounded induction experience.

Discover the Advantages of Manual Book Drop

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