Overcoming Obstacles or Going Across Floors with Elevated Solutions

Discover a new dimension in library automation with elevation solutions. Overcome spatial challenges and optimize your processes by changing conveyance heights or implementing connected sorting systems across multiple floors. Elevate your library's efficiency with tailored solutions that redefine how you manage materials.

Explore elevated possibilities for your library's book sorter

Are you facing challenges in your library's space management and process flow? Sometimes, the most efficient route might involve changing the conveyance height to seamlessly transport items beneath the ceiling. Picture items journeying effortlessly from induction to sorting, smoothly crossing your library's expanse. The AMH elevation options offer the flexibility to optimize your system's path, ensuring an unobstructed flow.

Furthermore, you can tailor your sorter to your library’s design and need. If your library envisions sorting on different levels, for example by having a sorter for central sorting on one floor and branch sorting in the basement, we can make that vision a reality by a connecting the sorting system that spans multiple floors.

Connect with Lyngsoe Systems for a personalized discussion on your elevation options. Our team will work closely with you to understand your specific needs, devise strategic solutions, and ensure your library's processes rise to new heights.

Unveiling the Advantages of Elevations

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Harvest the benefits of automatic book sorting

With the latest generation in Automated Material Handling Systems for libraries, Sort Mate™ 2000, you will significantly improve circulation, while reducing cost and the need for physical handling of materials. Lyngsoe Systems’ Sort Mate™ sorter series is modular, allowing the same fast, accurate, and reliable quality to lift the performance in a central sorting facility and a branch library.


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