Split Chute - Precision Sorting for Libraries with the Possibility for Extra Destination

Experience the future of library sorting with the Split Chute, a groundbreaking innovation that redefines the way libraries manage their collections. Our advanced technology empowers you to achieve unparalleled precision in sorting, making the entire process more efficient and expand your library's sorting capabilities.

Precision adds the extra destination

In the world of library sorting, precision is paramount. With such exceptional accuracy, these sorters have the unique capability to segment a single sort module into not just one, but four distinct destinations. Libraries can not only enhance their sorting processes but can also ensure that each item, no matter its size, is treated with the precision it deserves.

This split chute system is particularly beneficial for sorting smaller items, often seen as more intricate to handle, like DVDs or CDs. Instead of utilizing a single large tote for such items, libraries can now integrate two separate ones, maximizing space and organization. The sorter's precision ensures that each item finds its way into its designated location flawlessly.

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