Lyngsoe Ergo Bin™ - a Simple Solution for a Big Problem

The task of sorting and stacking returned books can place significant physical strain on employees, requiring them to repeatedly bend and stretch, placing materials back on shelves for the next customer.

As experts in providing intelligent solutions for libraries, we recognize this challenge and have developed the Ergo Bin™, our latest innovation in bin systems, building upon the success of our previous product, the Ergo Box.

High volume book sorting and collection made easier

Most libraries, especially large libraries with many visitors, experience the challenge of collecting books and other materials and returning them into circulation. Sorting and stacking book returns can put a substantial physical strain on your employees as they must bend and stretch to place materials back on the shelves, ready for the next customer. 

As experts in delivering smart solutions for libraries, we understand this challenge and, to support your operations, we have developed the Ergo Bin™, our third-generation bin system, which is an improved version of our previous product, the Ergo Box™.  

The Ergo Bin™ is a high-capacity bin that functions autonomously, regardless of whether a library employee is filling or emptying the bin. It has been specifically designed to ensure the correct ergonomic position for your staff, supporting long-term worker health. 


Ergo Bin™ looks after books and staff

Not only does the Ergo Bin™ have a super sleek design, but its functionality is also ideal for busy library environments. The floor of the Ergo Bin™ is electronically controlled, guided by a photo eye sensor or a control button, and raises as items are restocked on the shelves, reducing the need for your library staff to bend to reach items. This function also minimizes the drop distance from the sorter chute to protect the sorted items from damage. 

Operating the bin is simple and intuitive. It is managed by an intelligent control board, both when the bin is docked and connected to the sorter and when it is disconnected from the sorter module, operating on its own. The user interaction is the same as operating the Ergo Cart™, which makes it very easy for library employees to master if they are familiar with this product.

Integrate Ergo Bin™ with your book sorting setup

Ergo Bin™ can also be integrated with your book sorting setup. It partners perfectly with Sort Mate™ 2000, the latest generation in our successful series of dedicated library sorters, installed in hundreds of locations across the world. This can form a reliable building block for your Automated Material Handling System (AMHS).

As part of our family of products, we also offer Ergo Cart™, which enables reshelving and easy material transportation and is also ergonomically designed. This allows you to choose the right product or products that best meets your needs and resolves your challenges – either the Ergo Bin™, Ergo Cart™ or a hybrid of solutions, working seamlessly together to improve your library operations.

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Ergo Bin

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