Lyngsoe Sorter Controller™ - Reimagine Sorting Control

Discover a new realm of control and optimization for your Automated Materials Handling (AMH) system with Lyngsoe Sorter Controller™. Elevate your library's efficiency through intuitive, web-based software that empowers you to fine-tune your sorting strategies.

Intuitive operation and management with Lyngsoe Sorter Controller™

The Lyngsoe Sorter Controller™ is an intuitive web-based software, which among many benefits enables libraries to independently establish and flexibly adjust sorting strategies (sort tables) for the Lyngsoe Sort Mate™ 2000 AMH sorters.

The Lyngsoe Sorter Controller™ for example offers graphical overview statistics and in-depth data to support the optimal usage of the available inductions and destinations.

Knowing the actual use pattern of the main parts of the sorting system, means you can make fact-based, data-driven decisions on how best to assign categories to the available sorting destinations or how to promote an under-utilized induction.

Take control of your sorting strategies with Lyngsoe Sorter Controller™

The intuitive, step-wise approach to building sort table (i.e. the logic which connects categories of your choice to the available sorting destinations) is straight-forward both to establish and to optimize, when you see how the system is utilized in actual operation. Whether on PC or tablet, it is easy to create or adjust sorting strategies. 

The Lyngsoe Sorter Controller goes far beyond ordinary, static sorting tables. For example switching to a “waterfall” on multiple destinations (e.g. for children’s books) could utilize capacity to the fullest, when large numbers of materials are returned in the unmanned hours of a holiday period.

Support of multiple languages supports your staff in an easy usage of the Sorter Controller.

Ensure smooth operation

Some sorting tables are very comprehensive to support minimal handling of items, when returning them to the selves. Such complexity can mean, that items are sorted into unexpected destination. With the easy look-up in Lyngsoe Sorter Controller it becomes easy to identify the sorting logic in the sort table, which directed the item to this specific destination, and correct it with ease. Or if it was simple a destination, which ran full. 

Another useful feature is nearly full/early warning to support the flow of your operational processes, so staff can prevent a destination from running full.

The database keeps accurate track of, where items were actually sorted to, so the search function will quickly help you finding an item, which a patron is requesting before it is back on the shelf.

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Harvest the benefits of automatic book sorting

With the latest generation in Automated Material Handling Systems for libraries, Sort Mate™ 2000, you will significantly improve circulation, while reducing cost and the need for physical handling of materials. Lyngsoe Systems’ Sort Mate™ sorter series is modular, allowing the same fast, accurate, and reliable quality to lift the performance in a central sorting facility and a branch library.


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