Lyngsoe Sort Mate 2000 Tote Shelf - Folds Away for Flexibility

The Lyngsoe Sort Mate 2000 Tote Shelf - the ultimate solution for optimizing your library's sorting process. This innovative collapsible shelf seamlessly integrates with the Sort Mate 2000 sorter module, enhancing efficiency and flexibility.

Sorting Efficiency with the Tote Shelf

The robust Tote Shelf holds safely onto the totes and ensures a secure grip as the Sort Mate™ 2000 sorts items into the totes. Experience the convenience of adjustable height settings that match your tote specifications, as well as how the Tote Shelf's foldable design allows for versatile space utilization, making it your go-to choice for unattended sorting. This is perfect for holidays, fold the shelf away and add a larger destination such as a metal bin to avoid running out of space in the destination.

If your library handles a significant volume of totes daily, take your sorting experience to the next level with our Tote Stacker Chute. Simplify the process of filling and managing stacks of totes effortlessly.

Key benefits of the Tote Shelf

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Harvest the benefits of automatic book sorting

With the latest generation in Automated Material Handling Systems for libraries, Sort Mate™ 2000, you will significantly improve circulation, while reducing cost and the need for physical handling of materials. Lyngsoe Systems’ Sort Mate™ sorter series is modular, allowing the same fast, accurate, and reliable quality to lift the performance in a central sorting facility and a branch library.


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