Lyngsoe Tote Stacker Chute™ 2000 - Stacks for Efficient Logistics and Without the Heavy Lifting

Seamlessly designed to work in tandem with the Sort Mate™ 2000 module and the Tote Shelf, this solution redefines how your library manages logistics and avoids heavy lifting. Benefit from building stacks without the strain and take your library's operational to the next level.

Stacking of totes made easy

Fitting onto the Sort Mate™ 2000 module, the Tote Stacker Chute allows library staff to build a stack of totes going to the same destination without lifting any totes full of materials. When a tote signals full by the system, the staff then simply lowers the integrated “forklift” and places the next empty tote on top. This continues until the stack is complete and the entire stack can be rolled away on a Lyngsoe Tote Dolly. This ensures that stacks can be transported swiftly and safely to their designated shelves or storage areas.

With the Tote Stacker Chute™ 2000, logistics management becomes smoother and more efficient. Build stacks destined for the same location without the hassle of lifting, ensuring a consistent and organized workflow that saves valuable time and reduces strain on your staff. Combined with the Tote Shelf, it offers a comprehensive solution that optimizes tote sorting and stacking.


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